• Muti means medicine in Southern Africa.

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The MUTI brand

The mortar and pestle is an ancient tool used to crush botanicals for medicinal purposes. The eight dots resembles the eight botanicals we use in our gin. Other elements we see as Muti (medicine) for the soul is the "Pieke" mountain in the background where we live and the sun that rises behind it. The wave breaking left and right resembles the two coastal fynbos botanicals that we use. The Fynbos region stretches all the way from Lambertsbay on the West Coast to Mandela Bay on the East Coast. The famous left breaking wave on the West Coast is called Elands Bay and the famous right breaking wave in the world is called Jbay. Then the water below the mortar pot and pestle resembles the "Eersterivier" in Stellenbosch which we can hear rumble from our house in the winter when it flows. The dots resemble the beach sand where our 2 fynbos botanicals love to grow and also the best place to enjoy a G&T.

I was able to taste your gin and I would like to confirm that this gin belongs to the best gins I have ever tasted. I travel a lot and I have collected more than 150 (mostly craft) gins from all over the world. South African Gins are of high quality anyway but yours is outstanding again.

Prof. Dr. Christopher Hebling